mind Control

Mind Control- Some people are unable to their mind by thinking too much or by getting angry and upset about something and should Increase their confidence and stay calm.

1. We should think about our goal and no one should dominate. Some people do not get self-satisfaction by wandering and Keeping their minds satisfied.

2. Meditation, yoga, and exercise should be done in the morning, and listening to songs makes the mind fresh.

3. You should be happy in your life and keep yourself busy. Do not suppress anger on the wrong thing and show anger toward the person in front.

4. Sometimes the heart should also be listened to but the mind should listen to more.

5. Depression patients are Nature and plants and should be loved and taken care of these.

6. Mahatma Buddha has said, ‘To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness in one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s mind.

7. Think that your mind is yours, you are not of the mind. As you are wearing your shirt, that shirt is yours, you are not of the shirt. Always think that only if you develop, your mind will develop. The mind will be educated only when you are educated. That’s why you will see that your mind has also been controlled by bringing in controlled thoughts or qualities.

8.  Read good books. It will strengthen you mentally. It is easy for mentally strong people to persevere in difficult times and such people do not allow bad thoughts to become their priority.



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