nature- teaches us to share without any selfishness. Living in a green place refreshes the mind and gives peace and Flowers look good and smell.

In the morning, the sun comes out, and the coolness of the night and the heat of the morning together create a very pleasant atmosphere.

From all these, we get pure air to breathe, water to drink, food, etc. which are essential for life.

Everyone comes to the park and exercises and laughs and jokes. It improves mood and has positive thoughts.

Rain clouds, flowing water streams, falling drops, growing plants, blooming flowers and spreading fragrance, dancing peacocks, sounds like frogs, greenery of the earth, rainbow in the sky, etc. things touch the mind.

It is the responsibility of all of us to take care of you. We have to keep it clean, we have to protect it so that it is never harmed.

It makes us feel happiness and joy. Seeing greenery all around makes our minds very happy and It maintains our physical and mental health.

Man can build a house for his residence only with the help of nature. It does not discriminate against anyone based on religion, caste, or gender.

Life is impossible in the world without nature, so it is necessary for us.

This awakens the biggest disease of today’s world mental stress. Along with our work, we should also enjoy ourselves for a few days.

Trees should be planted by all people and we get many important benefits from their beauty.


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