Medicine tips

Medicine tips – Some people take medicine for some reason and taking medicine causes harm. Some medicines should be given after seeing and should not be taken off their own free will.

how to avoid taking medicine?

1. Because of this, it moves in the mouth and stomach. There is heat in the body and for that more liquid should be taken and Avoid spicy food.

2. Sleepiness – Drink tea and coffee for sleep. exercise does not cause lethargy and keep washing your face.

3. Dry mouth – for that drink lots of water and eat toffee.

4. Milk – Minerals like calcium, and magnesium found in milk combine with casein protein to reduce the effect of medicines.

5. Dark Chocolate – If you are taking medicine for any disease, then its effect gives relief to the body.

6. Eating medicine with any hot drink like coffee takes more time to dissolve it. This means by taking medicine with coffee or any hot drink, you will not be able to get its full benefit.

7. Citrus fruits- If you are taking any medicine, then avoid eating citrus fruits like grapefruit at that time. These fruits affect the cells that carry medicines inside the body. Citrus fruits can affect more than 50 drugs. These increase fexofenadine (Allegra) which can cause allergic reactions and also reduce the effectiveness of the drugs.

8. You can set a reminder on your phone on the timing of taking medicine. This will remind you that it is time for the medicine.


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