to serve everyone
To serve everyone- Selfless service towards others is the key to success in life. One’s heart can be changed by selfless service.

this increases love and meditation brings happiness. Another great advantage of social service is that it gives virtue. We feel more connected to our soul, and our lives are more fulfilled. Whereas, competition puts pressure on oneself and others.

Some people do not serve their elders and when their old age comes their mistake is known and no one serves them.

If the spirit of service is inculcated in the mind from childhood itself, then this spirit remains throughout life.

Serving has mental and physical health benefits, such as reducing depression, lowering blood pressure, and increasing your lifespan. Putting the needs of others before your own also strengthens your relationships.

Feed the hungry, help the handicapped. Friends, it is our duty to feed the hungry and give water to the thirsty.

Service purifies the heart and soul. Knowledge is attained by service and this is the goal of life. -Swami Sivananda

Money is not required for service, what is needed is to leave your narrow life and meet the poor. -Vinoba Bhave

When one uses his mind, speech, and body for the service of others, then he gets everything. He never lacks worldly comforts.

Doing charity, serving others, and not having any ego in it, is true education.

Serve all the members of the house, but do not seek happiness from them, only this will lead to welfare.


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