truth and honesty

truth and honesty-  We all consider honesty and truthfulness as the best policy of human beings, but adopting them in this form in life is also very difficult. It can be developed gradually by molding the quality of honesty in one’s habits and character.

Honesty emphasizes that the person is not only truthful but also honest in his words and actions.

The identity of truth is that if a person is true, then no need to bow down to anyone, and His head remains high.

A true person is not afraid of anyone and hates lies.

There are two types of truth and reality. The practical truth is that what you have seen and heard and experienced is the same. the meaning of reality thing is that it is true for one and false for the other.

Don’t let your endurance, your strength, and your faith break you.

Speaking the truth removes the problems in a person’s life.

People lie and their life is full of sorrow, The liar has no respect.

don’t be afraid, to tell the truth,  God gives the support of true people and those who lie should be spoken to.

Honesty is a good habit, which gives happiness and a peaceful mind to all. Dishonest people do not allow any relationship to develop and create many problems.

It is good to practice this right from childhood with the help of your parents, elders, neighbors, and teachers. Being honest in all aspects is very important as it contributes positively throughout life.


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