true event

True event- A true incident happened to me and I will never forget it some people don’t believe in such things and what happens is only known.

A few days back I had gone out somewhere and walked on the crossroad but it is said that one should not go in the middle.

Ignored that thing but within a day or two I felt.

In the middle of the night, I heard a sound but thought it is like this, but the sound came again for the second time.

I started getting scared and one day my spectacles broke on their own and I was shocked.

couldn’t tell anyone because no one would believe.

Whenever I used to eat sweets at night, I used to smell sweet and feel as if someone was near me.

I was worried and didn’t know what to do. Someone explained to me that these ghosts or spirits don’t say anything, don’t be afraid, it wanders and they don’t have a home.

Wherever they most should be saying to them that whoever you are, be at ease and do not disturb.

They don’t bother us and should recite Hanuman Chalisa daily at night.

fumigate the house and cast off your own evil eyes. don’t go in the intersection middle and walk from the side.

Whenever you eat sweets and then drink water and eat salty.

turn on the light before sleeping at night sleep so that you are not afraid and stop thinking.


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