learn from mistakes

learn from mistakes- Some people Most mistakes happen and every wrongdoer apologizes to others. We should learn from our mistakes in our life. until we learn life’s important lessons.

Don’t regret your mistakes, mistakes are good. If you are wise, don’t forgive people until they realize their mistakes.

Pray to Shri Mataji for the condition of accepting the mistake and we should speak to God that whatever mistake or mistake we have done, we should be forgiven and Take witness to this.

Don’t get attached to your ego or inertia. Avoid reacting immediately. Later try to keep your point when the situation is normal.

If you have done a wrong or unrighteous act or have done any act against the soul, then confess your mistake to Shri Mataji.

Facing the mistake No need to clarify and Shri Mataji tell me, next time I will not do this.

Pray to Mata Shri Mataji that I am a holy soul, please free me from guilt.

Abandon unrighteous/unholy behavior immediately and Stop criticizing/condemning others immediately. You should correct your mistakes, don’t lie.

Bring continuous improvement in life. Repeat this in every area of ​​life, never stop.

If you really want to learn from your mistakes, then first learn to accept mistakes. Doing so will be the first step toward learning.

Do not feel shy while taking help from others to rectify your mistake. Do not think about what the person in front will think about you. We all need a mentor or an experienced person to guide us. we can learn from their experiences.


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