will power

Will power- it is under everyone’s control Some have less power and some have more. Make yourself promises for yourself, then practice afterward.

All types of work should be done in routine and Boost your focus power.

One should not always listen to the mind, it reduces the power.

Meditation should be done daily and Meditation increases energy.

We forgive by pure and Provide the qualities of intense joy, pure love, compassion, and artistic ability.

It can be awakened in many ways. To strengthen, first of all, we need to reduce our stress levels.

Face everything that scares you. As you face the things you don’t want to grow.

Best quote -1.   The most important thing in life is to stop saying “I want” and start saying “I will” – Charles Dickens

2. Willpower is the key to success Successful people struggle to conquer indifference doubt and fear by applying their willpower no matter what they feel. -Dan Millman

3. If our willpower is small and weak, so will the work of our mental powers. —Sweet Marden-

4. There is only one way to be happy and healthy in the world, and one should minimize his needs. -Mahatma Gandhi

5. By him who has risen above all desires, goodness always comes unknowingly, spontaneously, and naturally like the fragrance from a flower and the light from the stars. -Swami Ramteerth

6. If you cannot conform to your will, how can you expect others to conform to your will? -Vedanta Tirtha


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