luck quotes

luck quotes- Everyone knows a little bit about luck and it is said that when we get success after hard work, it is our deeds but when we get success without hard work, it is called luck.

luck is made by the deeds done before this birth and The deeds of the past create the destiny and the deeds of the future write the destiny of the future.

God writes fate and It is because of him that we have got luck through bad deeds and good deeds.

The way to success is found only through hard work, there is no other alternative.

Not everyone has luck and there are very few people who keep showing their luck while sitting at home, but such people do not taste the hard work.

Luck is made from the remaining deeds of previous births. Good deeds lead to good fortune and bad deeds lead to bad fortune. This fate is known by many names. Such as – Naseeb, Luck, Prarabdha, Honi, Karmaphal etc. There is no difference between them.

A person should develop in himself the ability to tolerate even bad days. Bad days don’t last and neither does bad luck.

With luck, if someone is born into a poor family, then with his intelligence, discretion, and skill, he can achieve the highest position in life by crossing all limits.

You can change your destiny with hard work, honesty, true dedication, and selfless deeds done with a good pure heart.

If you are able to control most par and selfless deeds are done with a good pure heart.




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