weather change

Weather change – it is mainly due to the difference in air pressure, temperature and moisture from one place to another and Health worsens when the weather changes.

Changes in weather can be sudden and can be felt, while season change takes a long time to occur so it is relatively difficult to feel.

1. take care of the cold and the hot- Some people take drinks cold or hot and they take bath with cold or hot water, it worsens their health and looking at the weather, cold or hot water should be used.

2. eat healthy food- Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or sanitizer before preparing or eating food.

Avoid outdoor foods and should take more drinks and avoid ice cream, cold drinks, and oily food, it hurts the throat.

Healthy food should be eaten in this season and fruits, salads, soups and homemade food should be taken.

3. take care of cleanliness- To avoid diseases, take special care of the cleanliness around you. Where there is dirt, there is a high risk of spreading bacteria and disease, so keep your surroundings clean.

4. exercise every day- Make sure to include exercises like walking, running, cycling, and jogging in your daily routine, good for your health.

5. complete sleep- Some people sleep late at night and sleep is not complete Drinking milk before going to bed helps in reducing tiredness and helps in sound sleep.

6. Vitamin D deficiency is found in every human being but its difference varies from person to person. It is usually taken from sunlight, but now many medicines are also available for this.


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