Best quotes 2

Best quotes 2 – 1. Pain and pleasure are both good teachers because both have something to teach us in our situations – Swami Vivekananda

2. listen to your inner voice, step up, and boldly Go ahead, and believe in yourself, There will be a change in your life.

3. Time and understanding rarely come together, but those who get both of them together are very fortunate.

4. Bad thoughts can make the mind sad and troubled. But when you believe in Krishna, Krishna himself comes to remove all your troubles.

5. The best way to make yourself happy is to try to make someone else happy. – Mark Twain

6. Only that person can understand the value of good times, Who has seen very bad times in life.

7. The day that starts with the tea in your hands, what a great day it is.

8. Take your own life decisions Not show others.

9. Compulsions always make us strong and difficulties teach us to live life.

10. Laughs a lot, smiles less, Does not cry, just eyes are moist, The question is life, and the answer is no one, There is a lot of noise, but his voice is none..!

11. If you learned to smile even in pain So understand that you have learned to live life.

12. Life is not easy, it has to be made easy. One has to be patient, one has to tolerate something and a lot has to be ignored.

13. Sometimes tears are more special than a smile because a smile is for everyone but tears are for those whom we don’t want to lose.


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