Rules of life
Rules of life – One should keep learning something good in life. Never give up. Lessons to live are not in books, we get to learn in life.

When God has given us life, don’t be alone, enjoy it with everyone and believe in the best relations in life.

Whenever sorrow comes in life, remember you’re happy days and think that good days will come soon.

1. Life is a game- it depends on you whether you want to be a player or a toy.

2. Life is a long journey- The body dies, but not the soul.

The journey of this soul element continues with a new body, new parents, a new place, a new name, and some disorders acquired from past rituals.

3. Take responsibility in life- Every human being should have a sense of responsibility.

4. struggle is life- There is no life without struggle and it is impossible to achieve success without struggle.

5. Love is life – Love is the essence of life. With this, the world can be conquered. Have compassion and love for every living being. God can be found only through love.

6. life is precious- Life is a priceless gift. Gratitude to God for sending us on earth and giving us a beautiful environment to live in, making us physically and mentally healthy and we should know the importance of our life.

what others think of you is none of your business. Companion, time, money, good health, positive thinking and peace are all necessary to live life.


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