Benefits of prayer

Benefits of prayer – Every human being should pray and God listens to us and blesses us with happiness. The Benefits of Prayer allow Us to Share Our Experiences.

When we pray, we acknowledge that there is someone who is illuminating us all.

If you want something for yourself in prayer, then ask God, but wish for happiness and peace for others too.

1. oh god give us the strength to be the reality that I can’t deceive myself.

2. We keep deceiving ourselves from morning till evening, so save us from the deception and give me the strength to see myself.

3. Give me the humility by which I could win the hearts and love of others.

4. Grant me a melodious voice, so that I can become of giving voice to others.

5. Give protection to my soul, so that I can keep myself and no problems because of me.

6. Oh God I get respect so that I can give respect to others and give witness power.

7. Hey god! stop my thoughts, wrong, and lying, and give me pure knowledge and Intelligence.

8. Please forgive me if I have made a mistake against my soul.

9. O God, forgive yourself for your mistakes and forgive others for their mistakes.

10. give me the gift of love power so I can love others.

11. In times of difficulty and distress, you will uplift me and sustain me. thank you for being my light and salvation.


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