Good talk 2

Good talk 2- 1. Every happiness is not close to the heart, and life is not far from sorrow, keep this friendship alive because friendship is not in everyone’s destiny.

2. Prayer is more valuable than luck because when everything changes in life, only prayer is left with a person, which can change luck.

3. One of the reasons for many relationships is that one is not able to speak properly and does not understand properly.

4. Whoever harms me, that is his karma. I will not harm anyone, this is my religion.

5. If we are companions, no matter how difficult the path, the journey of life becomes beautiful.

6. Relationships are made by thinking, not by talking, some people do not become their own even after many talks and some become their own even after remaining calm.

7. So much trouble in relationships that they get used to living in anonymity.

8. Two things are special in life, the first is time, and the second is love, no one has time and not everyone has love.

9. If someone has expectations from you, it is not his compulsion. There is love and faith in you.

10. The afternoon sun will remind you. The smell of hot food will continue to come. No matter how much breakfast you have in the morning. Hunger will continue without lunch.

11. Those who cannot change their thinking cannot change anything. There are dreams of victory in the eyes, it seems that now every moment of life is yours.

12. Life is very difficult to understand. Some stay away from loved ones for the sake of dreams and some stay away from dreams for the sake of loved ones.

13. Noon is the middle of the day, it is the time to complete our essential tasks and move forward in life.


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