Glowing skin tips
Glowing skin tips – 1. Get good sleep- One should sleep on time at night. Some people sleep late at night because of which there is no shine in the skin. Dinner should be light and cut down on caffeine.

2. Drink plenty of water- Water protects the organs and tissues of the body. Along with this, it also works to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

3. Don’t be under stress- Too much tension wastes our time. When we do the work of our choice, we feel happy. Must share with your friends and talk positively to others.

4. keep skin clean- Skin becomes dirty due to sweat, pollution and dust and face wash should be done.

Cleanse it with a mild cleanser to remove dirt, makeup and oil from your skin.

5. Sun screen lotion – Apply SPF 30 sunscreen daily to avoid the harmful rays of the sun.

6. Healthy breakfast- To make your skin glowing, you should have a healthy breakfast.

7. Be happy- When we are happy its glow reflects differently on our face, so be happy.

8. Exercise or do yoga. By doing yoga, there is a natural glow on the face.

9. By applying face pack or mask on the face, the dead cells present on the skin of the face are removed. Due to this the face becomes beautiful and the skin is tight and wrinkles are also reduced.

10. To look fresh, the eyes should be rested and the eyes should be exercised.


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