Be wise

Be wise – Everyone should be wise and To make intelligent, think before doing any work and try to do any difficult work and You should make your own career.

do something new and different. Talk to smart people because they get knowledge and read good books.

Must have a sense of responsibility and learn to take responsibility.

To become intelligent, it is very important to have these four things. These four things are to read little, think more, speak less, and listen more.

Card games or board games can be a fun way to socialize or pass the time. These activities can also, be beneficial for the brain.

We should talk positively and think positively. Wise people decide the good and bad consequences of every action.

Wise people never give advice. The habit of intelligent people remains positive and Behavior remains positive. Likes to be with positive people.

The wise think before they act and never reveal their plan no matter how close they come.

Do not tell about the problems of the house. Those people are sensible, they understand the feelings of others, understand the words of others, understand happiness and sorrow, and understand love.

Don’t consider others as fools as you are fooling yourself and don’t show your pride and arrogance.

A genius person is always curious to know the things of others. Not only this, he is always eager to know exciting things. intelligent people always forget things.

Never tell your weakness to anyone, if you want to be clever, never tell anyone about your weakness.


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