Jai Sheetla Devi

Jai Sheetla Devi-  The form of Mata is very attractive and she is riding on the Gardabha donkey and has two hands. On the one hand, there is a broom and on the other, there is also an urn of cold water She wears neem leaves as ornaments. Mother is considered a symbol of cleanliness, health, and coolness.

Mataji is the wife of Lord Shiva and  She likes stale food very much. On the day of Sheetla Ashtami, people take stale food as Prasad.

One day before Sheetla Saptami, make Sweet Rice (Olia), Khaja, Churma, Magad, Namak Pare, Sugar Pare, sweets, Puay, sweet Pakode, Rabri, Bajra Roti, Puri, Vegetables, etc. Soak moth, and millet in the kulhad. None of these should be eaten before worship.

It is said that on the day of an Ashtami, the stove is not lit in the houses and it is customary to have only cooked food at night.

Mata ji is worshipped. Roli rice garland, henna, lamp, turmeric, Moli thread, clothes, and Holi garland on another plate.

The festival of Shri Mataji Ashtami is celebrated eight days after Holi and On this, there is a tradition of offering cold or stale food.

Take a bath with cold water and Donate to the poor.

There is a danger of many types of seasonal diseases due to cold and heat and That’s why the tradition of eating cold food has been created.

His popularity as a folk deity has endeared him to people of many religions and regions and people visit his temples for blessings.


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