Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui Tips – The meaning of Feng Shui is Feng -air, and Shui -Water. Items of laughing buddha, coins, crystals, and quatrain are available in the market.

Feng shui to positive changes in our lives and Feng Shui works to change the mental state of the people in the house.

1. The window should be opened for sunlight. Keeping a tortoise brings wealth and Disease goes away.

2. The bell hanging in the house has special significance in Feng Shui, it is considered a symbol of prosperity. It gives full life and good health to the family members.

3. By keeping the Chinese dragon statue in the house, negative energy can never enter from outside.

4. Love birds should be kept in the bedroom for love between husband- wife.

5. Hanging a pair of fish is good for the money and work and  Fish should be kept in the living room and not in the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom and they will be harmed.

6. Keeping a statue of a horse gives success and the wrong direction stops.

7. Keeping the pyramid is the economic benefit and According to Feng Shui, a pyramid made of metal or wood can be kept at home to remove Vastu defects. If the children do not feel like studying, keeping a pyramid in the study room is auspicious.

8. Coin meets Good luck and wealth and Three coins with a red thread and hang them.

9. Fill water in a copper vessel, cover it with a silver plate, put a crystal on it, and write Om Namo Shivay on the plate, this will increase positive energy.

10. Sprinkle Ganges water in the room to purify the house.


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