Car Driving Tips

Car Driving tips – I love car travel and enjoy it too. It’s nice to have home-cooked food while traveling.

It’s nice to see the greenery on the way and listen to the song and good sleep due to tiredness.

1. Before leaving for the trip, get your car serviced, if there is any problem, get it fixed so that your journey is safe.

2. All trains have the facility of mobile phone chargers but again always carry a power bank with you.

3. The first aid box is very useful for first aid when needed during travel and Medicines kept should not expire.

4. While driving on the highway at night, avoid stopping the vehicle at a deserted place, and if very necessary, you can stop the vehicle at a petrol pump or dhaba/restaurant.

5. Whenever you have to travel in a car, do not leave the house after eating anything heavy before that. Avoid eating spicy, junk food as it can make you vomit during the journey.

6. Amidst the possibility of theft, keep the windows of your vehicle closed and keep all the gates locked so that thieves cannot control the vehicle from inside in any way and there is no harm to anyone sitting inside.

7. Vehicles create pollution which can be harmful to our environment and health.

8. They reduce the time taken to travel from one place to another, saving energy and money in the long run.

9. Do not use a mobile phone or talk to anyone while driving a car.


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