self-satisfaction- One must control his desire for self-satisfaction. You should use whatever you mean to have.

The best way to do self-satisfaction is to keep doing the work without desiring the fruits and get satisfied with peace of contemplation.

If a person cannot serve anyone with money, then he can serve his speech with it and Should help others.

When a person is satisfied, only he can recognize how much has been received.

Happiness is experienced in the mind. satisfied gives satisfaction and should not expect from others.

True satisfaction lies in sharing things with others. Peace and contentment are two sides of a coin. If there is contentment in our life then peace is sure to come to our life.

Being content shows you what matters to you, including your health.

If you spend it wisely, you will feel more satisfied. So instead of going for material possessions focus more on experiences.

For self-satisfaction, first of all, control your desires. Make good use of whatever resources you have. Fulfill your responsibilities well, spend time with family, and stay away from unnecessary worldliness, you will surely get satisfaction.

Some people are should be happy with what he has. One should never be sad for what one does not have.

Beauty is the purest feeling of the soul and Beauty is born when the soul is satisfied.

You try for success with satisfaction, accept defeat, Learn, and keep trying.

We become what we think about most of the time, and that’s the strangest secret.



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