Beauty Tips 2
Beauty Tips 2 – keep your hands soft and remove dryness Care should be taken for the beauty of your hand and feet. in this changing season, usually, it should be taken care of anymore.

There is a beauty treatment. Manicure is done to beautify the hands and fingers, whereas Pedicure is done to clean the toes and feet.

hand Care
1. Using olive oil is a great way to make dry and lifeless hands beautiful.

2. If we do not moisturize them after washing our hands, then dryness of hands increases and must apply good cream or lotion.

3. If the skin layer of your hands is coming off then you can fix it with aloe vera gel.

4. You can also clean your hands with things like rice, flour, and gram flour.

5. Put on enough clothes before going outside to avoid getting cold. Wear warm gloves on your hands.

foot care
1 Massaging the feet with salt cleans them.

2. For cracked heels, soak the feet by mixing lemon juice in warm water. Then clean.

3. Foot cream not only moisturizes the feet but also keeps the cracked feet soft.

4. Take care of your nails Take care of your nails from time to time.

5. Resting the foot as much as possible, reducing activities that aggravate the pain, and applying ice to the painful area for 20 minutes several times a day can help reduce pain.

6. It is very important to stretch both your quadriceps and hamstrings after exercise like running, jogging, swimming or cycling.


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