golden quotes
golden quotes – 1. Never lose such a person in life, who gets angry and himself comes to you and says sorry because that person loves you the most.

2. Don’t say goodbye to someone who needs you.

3. Never doubt the one who trusts you more than himself.

4. Never forget the one who always remembers you.

5. Never make him cry, who himself has cried seeing you cry.

6. someone’s god fate doesn’t write our thoughts, actions, and behavior It is they who make our destiny.

7. Whose heart gets happiness on the meeting, Why do those people meet less in life?

8. If you believe in your Karma instead of relying on luck, then your Karma will surely make you successful.

9. faith is so strong that it can turn the impossible into the possible, You just have to have strong faith.

10. What is written will happen!” Or “No matter what you do, you will get what is in your destiny” or “No one has ever received anything before time and more than luck and will never get it” or “Everything is already decided, what has been written by the almighty” that has to be.

11. Body is soil, which has no value. Souls are priceless. If you want to establish a relationship, then connect with the soul, it is an unbreakable relationship.

12. Having a simple nature is not a weakness or a coward, but it is a sign of how good his manners are. A person gets respect only because of his nature because whatever he does, the same comes back to him. If someone does good deeds then there will be happiness in his life.


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