Earth Element
Earth element- There is a story in the Ramayana that Goddess Sita appeared from the earth itself and finally merged into the earth. There are many beliefs about the place where Goddess Sita was immersed in the earth.

We should wake up every morning and touch mother earth and Along with bowing our heads, we get the blessings of Mother Earth.

Farmers perform Gharti Pujan every year before sowing their crops.

Food, water, medicines, fruits, flowers, clothes, etc. all are gifts of mother earth.

sleeping on the ground in summer is more fun and Sleeping on the ground relieves stress and is also very good for mid-brain health.

Sitting on the floor pulls the shoulders back, which strengthens the surrounding muscles.

Sweet foods that strengthen the earth’s elements include whole grains, such as millet, rice, and root vegetables, such as yams, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

Meditation should be done by sitting on the ground and keeping both your hands on the ground and then saying, Om and Warm vibrations of the hand emanate and good meditation takes place.

When we walk barefoot, the skin of our feet is directly in touch with the earth, which has a good effect on our health.

Soil is also an important element among the basic elements of the earth, life is not possible without it.

Environmental protection is very important to save the earth. That’s why people should make the earth more beautiful by planting more and more plants in their life.

Earth’s flower is a type of fungus, which is used as a vegetable in human society, this fungus is suitable for eating and is rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins.


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